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     Posted: 31 August 2017

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23 October 2017

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Highways Inspector

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Construction Management; Engineering



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We are looking for Highways Inspectors undertaking Safety Inspections, Insurance Inspections and Crossover functions in order to effectively and efficiently meet the Councils Network Management duties.

About Re

Re (Regional Enterprise) Ltd is the joint venture between the London Borough of Barnet and Capita. Our innovative commercial model was set up in 2013 and brings together the best of public and private sector delivery.

Our services include; Planning and development management, building control, land charges, environmental health, trading standards and licensing, cemetery and crematorium, highways, regeneration and strategic planning.

Through Re, our aim is to create places where people want to invest, live, work and play. We have grown our business to provide a range of property, development and regulatory services to other local authorities and commercial organisations.


With 700km of road and 1400km of footways, the London Borough of Barnet is the second largest of the London Boroughs.

In 2015, the London Borough of Barnet became the most populous borough in London. This increase has been driven in part by the council’s growth agenda and by the popularity of Barnet as a place to live, with high quality housing and good transport connections.

The management, maintenance and improvement of Barnet’s complex and vital network is the responsibility of the Highways department of Re.

From construction to completion; our highways team deal with all elements of highway design and works not only for Barnet, but for other local authorities.

The London Borough of Barnet is a vibrant, exciting and fast paced environment. It is definitely not a sleepy council.

Purpose of Job:

  • To operate within a team of Highway Inspectors undertaking Safety Inspections, Insurance Inspections and Crossover functions in order to effectively and efficiently meet the Councils Network Management duties.
  • To assist the Senior Highways Inspector to ensure that the Inspections and other operations are carried out in accordance with documented procedures and in compliance with recommended codes of practice and to agreed timescales.
  • Ensure the cost effective and efficient co-ordination of required works identified through the inspections including making effective use of internal resources and external contractors as needed.
  • Effectively oversee the works carried out by third party contractors and the Authority to ensure compliance with regard to instructions, specifications, timescales and quality of works.

To assist in minimising claims and litigation opportunities by fully documenting all observations from site visits/investigations and ensuring appropriate actions are taken in accordance with documented procedures.

  • Assist the Senior Highways Inspector in developing procedure documents which clearly define operational process and procedures.
  • Assist the Senior Highways Inspector in producing reports as required that demonstrates that process and procedures are being complied with.
  • To assist the Senior Highways Inspector in ensuring that the needs of customers and users of the public highway network in Barnet are met where the Council is responsible, justified and appropriate action is taken to establish and understand these needs and feedback is given.

Key accountabilities:

  • To ensure optimum levels of effective and efficient work output in line with agreed targets, priorities, service plans and the Corporate Plan.
  • To carry out highway inspections, monitoring and investigations and record such in accordance with Codes of Practice and documented Policy and Procedure.
  • Ensure effective liaison with other colleagues, services and appropriate outside agencies in order to facilitate efficient working.
  • Promote continuous improvement and best value in the work of the section and to the service.
  • Undertake inspections in line with key performance indicators and assessment tools to enable improvements to service and quality.
  • To represent the Council and/or the Service, when necessary, and attend meetings, area forum, working parties, steering groups and public meetings as necessary and required.
  • Assist in dealing with all claims, legal challenges and disputes against the Council that can have an impact financially and in terms of service delivery.
  • Ensure that Customer Care strategies are implemented in accordance with agreed Council standards and practices.
  • Ensure that communication processes within the team is efficient, timely and responsive to the needs of Members, council officers, service users and other stakeholders.


  • Adhere to individual performance objectives linked to those of the Service and corporate organisation.
  • To attend appraisals and regular one-to-one meetings with Senior Highway Inspector to ensure targets are met.
  • Maintain an efficient, timely and responsive communication processes to and from staff in the group.
  • Ensure full compliance with the Council’s Health and Safety policies and maintain a high Health and Safety profile.

Change and Improvement:

  • As required contribute to changes and improvements to council and service strategies and policies.
  • Regularly liaise with Ward Members on matters within the professional work area.
  • Actively promote and support the implementation of the Council’s values.
  • To ensure that a high level of confidentiality is maintained in all aspects of work.
  • To maintain optimum performance and the corporate approach to customer needs as reflected in the Council’s structure and style. 
  • Assist in ensuring the needs of customers and users of the public highway, where the Council is the Highway Authority, are clearly understood.
  • Proactively develop, manage and maintain customer relationships.
  • Anticipate and address potential risks.

Staff Responsibilities:


Financial Responsibilities:

  • Assist the Senior Highways Inspector in providing reports and financial information to the Highways Maintenance Manager.
  • Ensure that information is available to enable accounts to be submitted on a monthly basis so that payments can be made to contractors in a timely manner.
  • Keep accurate documentation to be used as justification for sums paid and/or monies withheld due to evidence of non-compliance.
  • Assist as necessary with disputes relating to charges/invoices to ensure that income and budgets are not adversely impacted.

Health and Safety Responsibilities:

  • Ensure safe and efficient delivery of service by achieving high standards of health and safety and reducing risk.
  • To keep appraised of current Risk Assessments and safe methods of working are adhered to.
  • Ensure that accidents and incidents are recorded
  • Actively promote a strong Health and Safety culture amongst staff and contractors.

Promotion of Corporate Values

To ensure that customer care is maintained to the agreed standards according to the council's values. To ensure that a high level of confidentiality is maintained in all aspects of work.


In order to deliver the service effectively, a degree of flexibility is needed and the post-holder may be required to perform work not specifically referred to above.  Such duties, however, will fall within the scope of the post, at the appropriate grade.

The Council's Commitment to Equality

To deliver the council’s commitment to equality of opportunity in the provision of services.  All staff are expected to promote equality in the work place and in the services the council delivers. 

To ensure services provided for young people are accessible to all members of the community and reflect the London Borough of Barnet Equal Opportunities Policy.

Essential Qualifications required

Professional qualifications/memberships

  • NRSWA Supervision
  • Member/associate member of a professional institution (Desirable)

Education and Experience

  • Substantial experience in local government (Desirable)
  • Some experience in highway engineering and/or management (Desirable)
  • Some Experience of supervising contractors (Desirable)
  • Good knowledge of current legislation (Essential)

Technical / Knowledge Requirements

IT skills

  • An understanding of specialist highway IT packages used for highway network management (E)
  • Experience of using IT software including Microsoft Word, Excel and Project (E)

Project Management

  • Proven track record of monitoring highway works (Essential)
  • Ability to engage with Senior Officials internally and within Partner/Contractor/Utility organisations (Essential)

Behavioural Competencies

Communicating and influencing

  • Presents a positive and professional image of self and the Council when communication
  • Ability to use a range of communication styles to influence the decisions and actions of others
  • Ability to maintain composure in difficult situations or when faced with strong opposition
  • Positively influences the perceptions of people internally and externally
  • Able to apply skilful negotiation techniques to achieve positive outcomes and for conflict resolution
  • Ability to draft briefings and reports and present these to management and Members
  • Build and maintain an effective network of working relationships

Respecting others

  • Actively champions and promotes equality and diversity
  • Acts on and achieves the promises and commitments made to customers, colleagues and partners
  • Demonstrates impartiality and objectivity when taking actions and making decisions
  • Is fair, consistent and objective when managing others

Striving for excellence

  • Demonstrates a high level of personal drive and energy that sets an example to others
  • Ability to make logical and effective decisions
  • Good time management and prioritises work to maximum productivity and effectiveness
  • Ability to analyse and quickly identify issues and problems and finds solutions
  • Actively seeks out new challenges

Setting direction

  • Demonstrate political awareness and be able to deliver solutions in consultation with elected Members
  • Leads others by example
  • Encourages a culture of continuous improvement and responsiveness to change

Managing performance

  • Ability to work to performance standards
  • Undertakes performance appraisals and regular one-to-ones with all team members
  • Ability to motivate team members
  • Empowers others to take responsibility

Developing talent

  • Demonstrates a commitment to own personal development and learning
  • Actively looking for new challenges and to learn new skills

Team working

  • Leads others by example
  • Ability to generate energy and enthusiasm amongst team members
  • Ability to create a positive team spirit where team members work together to achieve shared goals

Cross Barnet working

  • Displays a clear understanding of the roles and functions of the organisation, and the links between service areas
  • Shares knowledge and information for the benefit of others
  • Has a clear understanding of the political make-up and decision making processes of the Council
  • Ability to build strong and positive working relationships with others
  • Has a clear understanding and broad knowledge of the key functions of the Council

External partnership working

  • Ability to work effectively with representatives of partner organisations including contractors
  • Strive for continuous improvement in service provider organisations



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