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Eco Construction



BioRegional Development Group

BioRegional began back in 1992 because we recognised that over-consumption of resources is the major driving force for environmental degradation.


Centre for Alternative Technology

CAT is an education and visitor centre which demonstrates practical solutions for sustainability. We cover all aspects of green living: environmental building, eco-sanitation, woodland management, renewable energy, energy efficiency and organic growing.


Eco Property

Eco homes are nothing but homes that are environmental friendly.


Fair Home is a freely available and independent online publication, providing information on a comprehensive range of issues relating to the environment, Fairtrade, and green issues in the home and society.


Findhorn Foundation

The Findhorn Foundation is a spiritual community, ecovillage and an international centre for holistic education, helping to unfold a new human consciousness and create a positive and sustainable future.



Greenbang offers insight, research and advisory services to some of the biggest brands in the world. Our team of sustainability, technology, market and branding experts work with clients to improve their market position.



Because good planets are hard to find


Nigel's Eco Store

Nigel's Eco Store - Environmentally Friendly Products for Sustainable Eco Living



Sponge is a network of open-minded individuals who share a particular interest in sustainable development.


Sustainability Construction UK & Sweden

Joint UK-Sweden Initiative on Sustainable Construction


Sustainable Life

Our mission is to present the essential information we all need to know about the state of our planet and some of the solutions to the current crisis facing all species & our eco-system - in a simple easily digested form.



SustainableBuild was formed to offer a unique reference point on sustainable building, development and eco construction techniques.


Association of Environment Conscious Builders

The AECB is a network of individuals and companies with a common aim of promoting sustainable building.


The British Earth Sheltering Association

The British Earth Sheltering Association is a non-profit making organisation that aims to encourage the design and construction of Earth-Sheltered (E/S) Buildings in the United Kingdom.


The Centre for Sustainable Design

The Centre for Sustainable Design (CfSD) was established in 1995 within the Faculty of Design at The Surrey Institute of Art & Design, University College, in the UK.


The Green Building Press

Published for almost 20 years (previously known as 'Building for a Future' magazine), Green Building magazine is unsurpassed in delivering useful, practical and honest information regarding sustainable and healthy building.


The Hockerton Housing Project

The Hockerton Housing Project (HHP) is the UK's first earth sheltered, self-sufficient ecological housing development.


The Sustainable Development Commission

The Sustainable Development Commission (SDC) is the UK Government's independent adviser on sustainable development.


The UK Green Building Council

Green building has risen rapidly up the agenda in recent years, but that hasnít translated into mainstream delivery.