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Banner Advertising

Communicate key brand and marketing communications messages throughout Make the most of this targeted audience with static, rotating or flash advertising. Effective and measurable!
We offer two types of banner ad:
Mid page unit or MPU (300 pixels wide x 250 pixels high)
Leaderboard (728 pixels wide x 90 pixels high)
Mid page units (MPU's) Weekly   150   Book now                         
Monthly   400    Book now
  Annually  3000     Book now
Video sponsorship Weekly   200    Book now
  Monthly   500   Book now
Annually 3500 Book now
Level 1 pages (i.e. Jobs homepage, News homepage etc)  
Leaderboards & MPU's  Weekly    100 Book now
Monthly    250 Book now
  Annually  2000   Book now
Business Directory Pages     
Main category page (Leaderboard or MPU) Weekly     75 Book now
  Monthly    200   Book now
  Annually 1500 Book now
Sub category page (Leaderboard or MPU)  Weekly      50   Book now
Monthly   150 Book now
  Annually  1000    Book now
Single category page (Leaderboard or MPU)  Weekly      25    Book now 
  Monthly      75    Book now 
  Annually    500    Book now 
Any other page  (Leaderboard or MPU) Weekly      25   Book now 
  Monthly     75    Book now 
  Annually    500    Book now 
Prices are per banner, for a maximum duration of 12 months per booking and subject to availability.
Static banner artwork spec:
These can be supplied in either jpeg or gif format, to the sizes specified above.  Files should be no more than 200kb
Rotating banner artwork spec:
These should be supplied as a rotating gif file, to the sizes specified above.  Files should be no more than 200kb.
Flash animation banner artwork spec:
TBC is pleased to offer a banner design service, should you require it.  We try to keep the cost for this as competitive as possible and as such we pass this service on at cost price.  Quotations available upon request.
Any questions?  Please dont hesitate to call us on 01254 588790 or email and we shall be pleased to assist.
Download a PDF of our new 2012 media pack