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WJ Achieve Costain’s Standard of Excellence...

WJ Achieve Costain’s Standard of Excellence on Smart Motorway Contracts
Costain, the leading technology based engineering solutions provider, demands the same high standards and values from its supply chain as it does from its own organisation. ‘Costain Cares’ is a vision to build a long-term sustainable business that creates economic, environmental and social value and their supply chain relationships are fundamental to achieving that vision.

Since the introduction of the ‘Defining Blue’ supply chain review system, the performance management process has been a more qualitative and proactive measure of performance, whereby clarity of expectations are communicated on a quarterly basis against agreed criteria including Safety, Quality, People, Cost and Time. Performance is colour coded with Blue achieving excellence, hence ‘Defining Blue’ score criteria is the objective.

WJ has been one of Costain’s top performing suppliers for just over two years now and again has been awarded “defining Blue” status for two M1 smart motorway contracts, Junctions 28-31 and Junctions 32-35. Andy Walker, WJ Commercial Director, commented “To achieve high standards for a period is commendable but to deliver that level of performance in a demanding environment, sustained over two years, is truly excellent.”

Costain is committed to operating a collaborative, sustainable supply chain where its partners support in delivering efficient, innovative and sustainable solutions. WJ is aligned with that aim and benefits from high standards of training from the Supply Chain Academy, whilst sharing ongoing developments and best practice through the Costain Supply Chain Innovation Portal.

Sarah Jane Waith, Head of Supply Chain commented “The ongoing defining blue performance from WJ is a fantastic achievement which highlights great collaboration with our project teams and demonstrates the value it brings to our client”

WJ Group is the UK’s leading specialist road marking business dedicated to permanent and temporary road markings, road studs, high friction and safety surfacing, asphalt repair, Hydroblast line removal and surface retexturing. Through the strength of their people, client and supplier relationships WJ has evolved into the most successful innovator and service provider within the road marking sector.

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Uploaded 19/09/2017