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BBC Feature WJ in Action

The BBC One Show led by Dom Littlewood paid a visit to WJ at their Milton Keynes Depot and Manufacturing Facility recently.

WJ were credited on prime TV for providing a brief insight into the world of road marking.

Their film crew followed a WJ Screed Crew with Dan Thurston and Dan Lumb whilst they marked centre lines within a closed road in Northamptonshire.

Whenasked by the BBC reporter, unsurprisingly Dan was not enamoured with the idea that removing white lines from the highway would enhance road safety; his job is to provide Road Safety Markings and not just ‘White Lines’.

Time and time again road markings are proven to improve road safety and Dan is well aware of the public service he delivers every day. He expressed his opinion well whilst conveying real pride in the job he does providing an important measure of safety for many road users.

The safety provided by road markings was also fully reinforced by all the WJ team and we expect that Dan and the ‘Double D’ crew will be applying lines for a long time to come.

Please see link to BBC One Show as follows

For more information visit the WJ website

Uploaded 11/02/2016