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Social Media Strategy

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Creating a Social Media Strategy for Construction Companies

Welcome to yesterday!

That’s the feeling even the biggest tech fans feel from time to time. As each new device, social network or application comes along it can feel like you are forever trying to catch up, always living in the yesterday.

It is often this blizzard of ‘new’ things that blinds so many companies, including construction companies, from the benefits that they could gain from a well designed and developed Social Media strategy. For the purposes of this article I’m talking purely about Social Media, however we should all be thinking more of Social Media not in terms of a standalone strategy/tool. It can form an integral part of any business strategy.

But how does a construction company go about putting together a Social Media strategy? Here’s a 5 point roadmap that will help you get started.

1. Why do you want to incorporate social media into your business? Who do you want to connect with? How will you measure success?

2. Do you want to use specific individuals in your organisation for outbound communication with your external community?

3. Do you know what platform you intend to use to broadcast your efforts?

4. Have you defined your desired results and timescales to achieve your goals? Have you detailed the metrics you want to achieve?

5. Have you looked at the 10 Tips to transform your Social Media strategy before you launch your plan? Have you researched, listened to conversations and identified key contacts?

Social Media can have a hugely positive impact on sales, communication and new product development so now is the time for construction companies to grab it and try it.

Simon Brooke is a Director at marketing experts Happy Creative ( and a Social Media coach. For more expert advice visit the Happy Creative blog at