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Social Networking

Social Networking is an invaluable tool for job seekers.  Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and countless other networking tools are all free so why not use all of them to boost your chances of landing that dream job. 
Over 150 million professionals use Linkedin to exchange information, ideas and opportunities.  Linkedin allows you to search for jobs, network with otrher professionals, keep up to date with company's and organisations and find thousands of specialist business related groups.  Its very quick and easy to create a Linkedin profile which will help you showcase your skills and experience in front of a worldwide audience. A full guide to job hunting on Linkedin will be available here soon.
Predominently a social rather then professional tool and therefore great care needs to be taken as to how you use Facebook if you are already in employment and obviously dont want your current employer to see your job seeking activity.  We will help you avoid those pitfalls with a new comprehensive guide coming soon.
Twitter can also be a very effective tool in your search for employment.  It can be used in conjunction with Linkedin foe even better results and we cant wait to share our expertise with you here on this page, coming very soon.