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People Profiles

What is People Profiles?
People Profiles offers you your own personal ‘shop window’ to showcase your key skills, qualifications and experience to the rest of the industry whilst remaining completely anonymous and completely in control of who contacts you or who is granted permission to see your CV.
Although it’s the perfect tool to use if you are open to job offers, it can also be used by those seeking freelance work in the construction and highways industry and helps bring specialist professionals together in one place.

How does it work?
All you need to do is register or log in and start creating your own People Profile page, its FREE to use and so quick and simple to create your People Profile page in just a few minutes. You can also upload your CV too (nobody will see this unless you specifically grant them permission to do so). Once your profile is live, industry recruiters and organisations will be able to find you at the click of a button.
If your profile is of interest to an organisation, you will be sent an email with their contact details and a short message. You can either choose to decline any contact or you can allow the organisation to download your CV – it’s that simple.

How is People Profiles different to the tools currently available on some other job sites? 
All too often on job sites, your personal details can become very public and you may end up being approached for jobs that you have no interest in. People Profiles stops any such unwanted spam and the added beauty of People Profiles that it’s purely for construction and highways professionals and therefore any job opportunities are always relevant.

What do I need to do next?
Click here to register and upload your People Profile (you can log back in and amend at any time)
Or if you have already registered then log in here
RECRUITERS find our more about the benefits of using People Profiles by clicking here